1. My son can type at 75 wpm. I didn’t know I was a slow typist compared with. Makes a difference when exams are essay and time-crunched. I should move that speed up.

  2. Lunch - or something like it.

  3. Cool

  4. Getting my glasses and kid painkiller for him. (at Walmart Farmers Branch)

  5. Getting braces at 8. His teeth are at odds with each other. (at Amazing Grace Family Dentistry PC.)

  6. Fall means patterned stockings. Oh Yeah!

  7. Love the pattern, but the tiny holes makes my hairs all rumpled and then itchy. Maybe I should double stocking next time. Layer it with normal joke then this one.

  8. Brothers forever.

  9. at Watters Creek

  10. Day out with our youngest two. (at Watters Creek)