1. Changing bands. Look at my bright pants! (at Amazing Grace Family Dentistry PC.)

  2. Fun! (at Estilo Gaúcho Brazilian Steakhouse)

  3. at Fort Worth Water Gardens

  4. My girl (at Fountain Place Courtyard)

  5. One if my very favorites. #SEP #SEPPIES (at The French Room @ The Adolphus Hotel)

  6. Yossi and Yoash made some snicker doodles. I didn’t help, but I get clean up duties. Looks great and smells wonderful.

  7. Coffee and scones on the way to car shop (inspection and oil change) with another vehicle. I have no weekend anymore. (at Ascension Coffee)

  8. Adi & I did our nails today.

  9. If you want to be happy, be.

    📌Leo Tolstoy

  10. It’s not moving. (at Interstate 30)