1. Yay! Yoel makes it look so easy.

  2. I need to learn to paint my face. Pictures for graduation is tomorrow. (even though mine is not til May 2015). This is how my face is 95% of the time. Paint-free out of laziness, I guess. It’s a wash and wear face. 😛

  3. Weird. My freezer makes hollow ice cubes.

  4. Character Evidence, yo! I think I am finally getting hold of you.

  5. My 8-yo took my picture today. (at Cottonwood Park)

  6. Enjoying a short break at the park. (at Cottonwood Park)

  7. Weekend is a myth!

  8. The kids Harvest Hill kids all grown up. (at Texas A&M University School of Law)

  9. Happy 12th birthday!

  10. Well! (at Fort Worth Water Gardens)